i Plus Screw

A unique combination of properties makes aluminum one of the most versatile engineering and construction materials available. It is light in mass, yet some of its alloys have strengths greater than those of structural steel. It has high resistance to corrosion under most applications. In addition, aluminum has good electrical and thermal conductivities, and high reflectivity to both heat and light.

i Plus Screw Features:

1)Made in Taiwan
2)EPDM Washers
3)High Corrosion Resistance
4)"Z" Point
5)Sold in Over 50 Countires
6)Slip Free Drilling
7)1000+ Hr Salt Test
8)Hex Flange Head
9)Drill 30% Faster then Normal Drill Point
10)Easy Drilling upto 6mm (3.5point) 11)DIN7504 Australia Standard AS3566
12)ISO/TS 16949 BUREAU VERITAS Certification