Wire & Wire Products

G I Wire

Hot dipped Zinc Plated wire is also known as hot dipped galvanised wire or thermal galvanised wire. It is made by means of wire drawing followed by heat treatment and zinc plating.We supply wire manufactured by latest technology and best machinery in India which offers Excellent flexibility and softness. Applications:
As tying wire in agriculture for wines and orchids.
As weaving wine in the fencing and netting industry.
As material for packaging of products and other dail;y uses

H B Wire

Two strings of wire interwined and having barbs at regular distance. Barbed wire can be made in diffrent specifications.

Chiken Mesh

We stock, supply and distribute best quality Poultry Net all over india. These are commonly known as chicken mesh and made of galvanized iron wire & S.S wire with the varied thickness ranging from 18G to 28G and a hole size of ½” to 2”.Our company also uses a variety of other metals in the manufacturing of this product range.
Our poultry net are extensively used in poultry farms, gardens, estates, cages, on concrete layers and for insulation purposes. These are available in the standard length of each roll is 30 to 45mts with the width varying from 0.3mtrs to 2.45mtrs . We also customize products in the width and length desired by clients.

Expanded Mesh

Ordinary carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, iron plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, titanium plate, nickel plate, etc Application:
Used in filter elements, pharmaceuticals, paper-making, filtration, breeding, mesh for battery, packing netting, mechanical facilities protection, handicrafts making, high-grade net enclosures for soundbox, decoration, child seats, baskets, containers and highway protection, stamping net for oil tanker, platforms, railings and corridors for heavy machinery and boilers, oil mine, locomotives and heavy ships. Also used in construction, roads and bridges.
Brief Info. Of Expanded Metal:
Strand Thickness:Up to 8.0MM
Strand Width:0.3MM-8.0MM
Length:According to your requirement

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh details Screen, also called wire mesh, is a large regulatory category of wire fabric. It is made out of chemical fibers, silk, metal wire through certain weaving methods. Screen has wide applications in the industry, agriculture, science and technology and national defense. Up to the most advanced technology, high-tech industries, down to daily life and culture, wire mesh screen develops simultaneously with the national economy, and plays an important role in the peoples daily life.

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Vibrating Mesh

Vibrating Screen are used to separate materials into various sizes for further processing. Or for end use. Depending on our need The material is separated by passing it through a vibrating “screen box” which has a number of different sized screens, or meshes, which the material falls through like a sieve, the material falls onto attached conveyors which stock pile the end products. The end products can then be used in the building and construction industries.
Vibrating Screen Features:
1) High screening efficiency
2) High capacity and reliability
3) Long bearing lifetime
4) Easy maintenance