Iron and Steel

Iron is an incredibly useful substance. Its less brittle than stone yet, compared to wood or copper, extremely strong. If properly heated, iron is also relatively easy to shape into various forms, as well as refine, using simple tools. And speaking of those tools, unlike wood, iron can handle high temperatures, allowing us to build everything from fire tongs to furnaces out of it. In contrast to most substances, you can also magnetize iron, making it useful in the creation of electric motors and generators. Finally, there certainly arent any iron shortages to worry about. The Earths crust is 5 percent iron, and in some areas, the element concentrates in ores that contain as much as 70 percent iron.

When you compare iron and steel with something like aluminum , you can see why it was so important historically. To refine aluminum, you need access to huge quantities of electricity. Furthermore, to shape aluminum, you have to either cast it or extrude it. Iron, however, is much easier to manipulate. The element has been useful to people for thousands of years, while aluminum really didnt exist in any meaningful way until the 20th century.

Our Strength

Progress in stainless steel manufacturing techniques has led to several finishes and colors being added to the original silver-grey that stainless steel used to be widely known for. Titanium coating which adds beautiful colors and surface treatments like embossing, etching, polishing and brushing give us a great choice in Stainless steel. No wonder stainless steel is the most preferred material in India today by architects, builders, and Interior designers with unlimited applications. Widest variety and range in plain, colored, textured and embossed stainless steel is available readily in India from Minox Metals in Bangalore.