A unique combination of properties makes aluminum one of the most versatile engineering and construction materials available. It is light in mass, yet some of its alloys have strengths greater than those of structural steel. It has high resistance to corrosion under most applications. In addition, aluminum has good electrical and thermal conductivities, and high reflectivity to both heat and light.


Aluminium Angles, Aluminium Structures,Aluminium Sheets.

Types of aluminum products:

Al-clad sheets / coils

Automobile radiators, inter-coolers, air conditioners

Building sheets

1)Cladding for roofs and walls
2)Industrial buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangers
3)Indoor and outdoor stadiums
4)Insulation and protection of fuel storage tanks and industrial boilers
5)Wall panels for high-rise buildings
6)Residential roofing
7)Roof-on-roof roofing
8)Exhibition pavilions
9)Poultry farms
10)False ceilings

Cablewrap stock

Telecom cables


1)Pressure cookers, non-stick cookware and hard anodised cookware
2)Milk cans
3)Medical cylinders

Closure stock

Pilfer-proof caps
Vial seals
Cream containers and caps

Cold rolled coils

1)Bus cabins and bodies
3)Cladding in buildings, aluminium composite panels, false ceilings and panelling (plain or colour-coated coils)
4)Electrical busbar ducting, flexibles, transformer strips, etc

Cold rolled sheets

1)D efence
2)I ndustrial engineering
3)T ransport — road, rail, air, marine
4)B uilding and construction
5)Fan blades
6)Electrical engineering


1)Air conditioners
2)Car radiators
3)Automobile heat exchangers
Flooring sheets / tread plates
1)Flooring for buses, trucks and rail coaches
2)Floors for loading bays, kick plates, stair treads and catwalks

Foil stock

1)Pharma / confectioneries / cigarette foils

Lampcap stock

GLS lamps and tube lights

Litho stock

Offset printing plates

Pattern sheets

Decorative applications like interior panelling for trucks, cabins, etc

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) entry sheets

Electronic circuit boards


Electrical busbars and ducting
T anks
S hips, boats (corrosion-resistant and weldable plates)
D efence and industrial uses (strong alloy plates)